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Social Media Guide for Authors: Ninety Days to Your Tribe

What if you could completely transform your social media management and social media strategy in just ninety days, making use of a wide array of tips and techniques delivered in ways that are easy to follow, and which genuinely provide enduring results? That’s the premise behind Ninety Days to Your Tribe by Slaven Vujic, a compelling, highly readable, and compulsively practical book about approaching social media strategy in ways which make a real difference to your business.

Entrepreneurs and marketing teams have long since argued and debated over the best approaches, techniques, and strategies when it comes to making use of the myriad opportunities that social media presents. Vujic’s perspective is a refreshingly simple one, and is based upon a premise which is as appealing as it is tried and tested: don’t just do social, be social. That’s the essence, right there: introducing the notion that social media marketing isn’t about selling or pushing products and services upon your audience, but rather about building a tribe, a family, and a network of enthused potential clients who’ll happily generate buzz on your behalf.

By basing his approach on a combination of the time-honoured (word-of-mouth and developing consumer enthusiasm) and the cutting-edge and contemporary, and by blending that with the global reach that networks such as Facebook allow, Vujic has demonstrated the power and influence that a meaningful two-way interaction with a target audience can create.

Any risks of such a thorough and explanatory text being a little on the dry side quickly dissipate, thanks to the book’s engaging style and methodology. Like all the best teachers, Vujic draws upon his own experience to ensure the social media marketing strategies are founded in reality. In his ever-idiosyncratic style, this means basing the premise of the book on the creation of an engaged and dynamic online Tolkien fandom, which grew from a hobbyist’s passion into something genuinely profound and marketable. By building a social media tribe from an authentic attempt to spread excitement, ideas, and two-way discussions, success was as organic and enduring as it was swift in arriving; the titular ninety days is laid out as a logical, easy-to-follow eleven-step program, flexible and agile, and capable of being followed by a wide array of small business owners and brand managers.

Vujic guides his readers through his program, based consistently on the aforementioned Tolkien example, with ease and a sense of fun throughout. However, this book is far from light-hearted or frivolous – it lays out how to develop those success-driving engaged communities in great detail, from building mailing lists and website audiences to developing a powerful Facebook presence, perfect for those seeking updated solutions to social media strategy.

What’s more, Vujic’s techniques and social media marketing lessons manage to hit the zeitgeist in ways other guides would overlook. By going into meme marketing, how to utilise Facebook ads, reaching out to influencers and making use of data analytics, he shows how to bring together the various strands of your strategy together, to form a well-oiled social media marketing regime.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to build their brand and their online presence, Ninety Days to Your Tribe by Slaven Vujic is an invaluable resource for 21st century social media strategy progress. Refreshing, direct, and packed full of surprising insights and real-world examples, there’s little doubt that this book provides no shortage of keys, each unlocking the potential of authentic social approaches to business success.

Slaven Vujic
Slaven Vujic
Award-winning author writing non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance.

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