About me

Welcome to my Page!

From my early childhood, I simply loved books. I enjoyed fairytales and otherworldly stories. I dreamed about becoming an author and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with a worldwide audience.

My favorite genre is fantasy, however, I also write romance & historical novels. My writing career began with my best-selling transformative memoirs, followed by social media guides I wrote for authors.

My first romance novel was inspired by rivers of people fleeing from war; Eyes Can’t Lie is a story about British reporter Marti and Naria, a beautiful refugee girl.

Tolkienology is probably my most successful project. Being a huge Tolkien fan it was just a matter of time when I was going to create something devoted to The Professor. To make a difference from other pages devoted to Tolkien, I added a couple of pints of humor. Tolkienology now has 200,000+ social media followers, reaching 40+ million social media users per month.

Lastly, I enjoy creating fantasy stories and by signing up, you’ll also get a chance to dive into the world of Acquastel.

I live on a small island called Bra─Ź (Croatia), with my beautiful companion Iryna and our son Maksym.
We met at the beginning of the war, during my redemption mission in Ukraine, and they are my most precious award for everything I’ve done as a volunteer in Ukraine.