Christmas 2023 Giveaway!

Howdy, dear mellons! It's TIME for for the biggest giveaway ever hosted by yours truly. I created Tolkienology almost 5 years ago; certainly, it...

Fantasy - Max Erro

Short Fantasy Story: The River Rises – Chapter 1 (FREE)

Eons ago, when human beings first developed in them a thirst for power, there was a Great War. First, they conquered the land --...

Short Fantasy Story: A Fall of Silver – Chapter 1 (FREE!)

Swells of dark waves lapped against the wax-sealed sides of the Swallow as it made berth in the Felltaen harbor. A steady breeze rippled...

Romance - Max Erro

Romance Novella: Eyes Can’t Lie

Marti has become content with his solitary existence. Drinking in the darkest recess of the bar, he observes unnoticed. The relaxed tongues of his...


Tolkienology Reaches 200,000 Followers!

It's a wonderful day to announce that Tolkienology now has more than 200,000 followers on Facebook!I'm wholeheartedly grateful to the incredible audience on Facebook,...

The Five Wizards

Origins Wizards, pointy hat and all, originated in some form long before Tolkien. Tolkien himself probably drew on old descriptions of the Norse god Odin,...


Social Media Guide: Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author

You’ve put in endless hours of typing, coming up with complex characters and plot devices, and doing the research that gives your book shape,...

Social Media Guide for Authors: Ninety Days to Your Tribe

What if you could completely transform your social media management and social media strategy in just ninety days, making use of a wide array...

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