Social Media Guide: Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author

You’ve put in endless hours of typing, coming up with complex characters and plot devices, and doing the research that gives your book shape, structure, and authority. In essence, your book is ready to be sent out there into the wide world of readership… but in order to make the kind of impact (and the kind of sales figures) your hard work deserves, it’s got to reach your target audience, and create the buzz it needs to succeed. In order to achieve this, and in order to gain the required momentum for stellar sales, you’re going to have to use all the tools at your disposal. Your first port of call? Facebook – the world’s busiest, most vibrant, and most populated social network.

Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author, by SEO and social media marketing guru Slaven Vujic, is your one-stop shop for everything you could ever need to know about utilizing social media as a self-published author. Based upon first-hand experience, and brimming with expert tips, tricks of the trade, and innovative approaches to relationship-based sales building and exposure, it’s the ideal guide for those seeking to improve their sales by making use of Facebook’s extensive network of potential customers. Quite simply, if you’ve written, edited, and published a book, then this guide to improving your book’s performance is nothing short of essential in today’s social media-dominated market.

Make no mistake, Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author manages to succeed where other self-published author guidebooks fail. The reason for its effectiveness? This guide isn’t about direct sales, nor does it teach how to use Facebook as a straight-selling tool. As the title suggests, Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author intuitively assists self-published authors in establishing relationships with their target audience. By creating communities of loyal fans who will not only purchase your books, but who will be your cheerleaders, standard bearers, and the ones to start an enduring buzz about your work, you’ll establish a tribe of your own, which – with the right techniques and approaches – will grow, and grow, and grow.

The world of self publishing and self-promotion is one that changes with the wind and never ceases to evolve with each passing year. As such, today’s self-published authors need to stay thoroughly on top of every development and know exactly how social media and contemporary forms of communication can benefit their work. Slaven Vujic, with his years of experience helping authors succeed at the cutting edge of the digital marketplace – most notably on leading platforms like Amazon – is the ideal tutor to unravel the most effective and rewarding ways to get your book into the right hands. Clear, concise, and easy to follow, his methods are consistently backed by real-life examples of success, allowing authors everywhere to build their tribe, find their voice on social media, and lay the pathways to success that their hard work and dedication deserve.

Slaven Vujic
Slaven Vujic
Award-winning author writing non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance.

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