Tolkienology Reaches 200,000 Followers!

It’s a wonderful day to announce that Tolkienology now has more than 200,000 followers on Facebook!
I’m wholeheartedly grateful to the incredible audience on Facebook, hard-working admins, moderators, contributors, and supporters. This truly is an exciting milestone that’ll motivate us to come up with the best content possible for our followers and friends.
As a writer, I’m greatly inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. I’m also an avid reader since high school, and I poured all my skills and knowledge into creating Tolkienology. Yes, I added a couple of pints of humor, too! Since 2019. I’ve created dozens of articles and thousands of memes and I consider Tolkienology my most successful online project.
But Tolkienology is not just a project to me. It’s salvation. When the road darkens, I flee to Tolkien’s worlds.
I find comfort in Rivendell, strength in Rohan, and hope in Gondor. Through Moria, I drill my way out of depression.
Thank you, Professor.

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Slaven Vujic
Slaven Vujic
Award-winning author writing non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance.

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