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The Birth of Max Erro

Finally! After decades of being a huge fantasy fan, I’ve decided to get my feet wet into fantasy streams under my new pen name Max Erro.
Max Erro will write epic fantasy, shot fantasy stories, mystery & love stories. Basically, all fictional works will be published under Max Erro, while I’ll use my real name for non-fiction titles.

Why Max Erro?
Well, Max is the main character of “Wild Cherry Blossoms” novel that I’m writing, and has an important personal meaning to me.
Erro comes from the Latin verb “to wander”. So yes, I’m the maximum wanderer, let’s hope I’m not the lost one.

Since I’m a huge Tolkien fan, my works are expired by his lore. I hope in time I’ll publish some stories that will impact other lives, just like Tolkien’s works had an impact on my life. Literally, Tolkien saved me when I was in a very dark place.

My first fantasy stories are wrapped around sea elves that live deep underwater on the ruins of the Old World. The New World that is taking shape now is much different; although these worlds are never set to connect nor collide, life always finds a way.
My main character is Inola, a young sea female elf whose friendship with animals, especially dolphins, will make her break the magical boundaries of her world. Inola is fierce and stubborn, but her faith is not sealed underwater; however, there are some things much deeper, much darker, and older that will hunt all protagonists of the stories. That’s the realm of Aquastell.

These stories will be available to my subscribers – some of them you’ll be able to read for free, while some are connected to special subscription tiers. I hope you’ll like them and I hope that you’ll join me on the adventure of creating a magical new world.

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