Croatia: The Ultimate Guide for Digital Nomads

1. Introduction

Being a digital nomad seems to have become a trend, and in fact, there is a lot of talk about this lifestyle. Thanks mainly to social networks and the photos we see on Instagram, we have come to idealize digital nomadism.

Truth to be told, being a digital nomad isn’t easy at all times, but it is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Why? Let’s look at the main reasons:

Freedom to work anywhere, anytime

Location independence and flexible hours are the obvious benefits of being a digital nomad. As remote workers, we choose our temporary base, our working hours, and our office setup. When you are a digital nomad, there are virtually no limits to where you can be, and the same goes for your working hours.

Sure, you have to devote the required hours, but you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to take a day off.

Likewise, you can work 10-12 hours one day, and 4 hours another. If your organizational specificities allow it, you’ll be the master of your own work.

Inspiration from nonstop travel

Traveling means being a modern explorer, discovering distant lands, and immersing yourself in foreign cultures. A digital nomad lifestyle guarantees unlimited travel, averaging 12 countries per year.

You could do more, but a month per country is the minimum you need to feel a little settled and avoid the fatigue of the journey. Regardless of the number of countries, constant traveling has one main advantage: inspiration.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you will find that nothing beats the inspiration you get from seeing fascinating places, meeting interesting people, and breaking through cultural barriers. Inspiration for what? You may ask. The answer is simple: inspiration for life.

Traveling fuels your motivation to live a life worth living, to understand the world a little better, and to ask more of yourself. As a result, all the inspiration you get from long journeys can foster your personal growth but also provide courage for your entrepreneurial journey.

Geo arbitrage

Another great advantage of digital nomadism is geo arbitrage. This is a relatively modern term that could be defined as “relocating to take advantage of the lower costs of a city or town.” As such, geo arbitrage allows you to increase the quality of your life by moving to a cheaper location.

Think, for example, about New York and Austin. In this context, the same salary will offer you a much better lifestyle in Austin than in New York.

As a digital nomad, you can take full advantage of the price differences.


Just like inspiration, full-time travel is a reliable source of adventurous experiences and memorable moments.

Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hiking around volcanoes in Costa Rica and wine tasting in the Chilean Andes are just some of the activities that you can take part in within a span of a one-year time. If you are a digital nomad, a new adventure is looming around every corner.

The only limit to what you can experience is your imagination, and your bank account, of course.

Personal growth

As a digital nomad, you constantly expose yourself to new situations, challenges, and ideas. Whether it’s discovering a country’s subway, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, or suffering from setbacks, personal growth is a key aspect of digital nomadism.

You will become more open, more confident, and more adept at organizing things. All of these qualities will serve you later no matter if you decide to be a digital nomad indefinitely or establish yourself somewhere.


Finally, the last big advantage of a digital nomadic lifestyle concerns networking.

You may find it difficult at first, but once inside the coveted bubble of digital nomadism, opportunities will come your way and you will realize that they would have not been in your reach if you were back home.

Why Croatia?

So, now we know why being a digital nomad is just as great as people describe it to be: but why should you decide to have this adventure in Croatia? There are many reasons to choose Croatia as your destination for nomad traveling, which we’ll look at throughout this e-book. First, we’ll look at the documents you’ll need to put together, and how you’ll have to apply for the visa. Then, we’ll talk about the main characteristics of Croatia, such as its culture, natural beauty, connectivity, and safety. We’ll also discuss what is there to see in Croatia, such as its islands, national parks, and cities. Afterward, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to enjoy your time in Croatia, such as a possible road trip, what to eat locally, what are the best hotels for digital nomads, and which activities can be performed in Croatia. Enjoy your reading and fall in love with Croatia!

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