With over 12 years of experience as a publishing industry marketing consultant, and having worked 20 years in internet marketing, Slaven Vujic has a profound understanding of social media strategy, SEO, and web development to draw upon in his insightful books. This extensive professional background has allowed him to help countless writers and self-published authors, not only via his consultancy services, but also via his concise educational books, including his most recent work – Build Your Tribe on Facebook as a Published Author.

He also helmed an IT company as CEO from 2003 to 2009, granting him experience in several areas of computing and online business; knowledge he now happily shares with those looking to establish their own startups. Indeed, thus far, he has created over ten successful startups for clients from a range of different backgrounds.

Slaven has a love for the written word which extends far beyond writing guides for aspiring novelists and writers, however. Throughout his career, he has sought out ways to help writers develop their skills and their exposure online, and has worked in author branding to assist up-and-coming literary stars achieve their aims. Furthermore, Slaven regularly contributes to the publishing industry as a blogger, and utilises his experience as an IT journalist (a role he undertook from 1995-2001) to provide his unique insights into the world of information technology.

In his free time, Slaven enjoys a range of literary hobbies. He has a deep passion and respect for everything Tolkien-esque, and is the founder of Tolkienology; the fastest-growing online Tolkien community, where all things Middle Earth-related are debated, discussed, and pored over at length. He also loves reading fantasy and Sci-Fi novels, engaging in games of chess, and has a love of MMA, for which he has been a colour TV commentator for over 7 years.

Slaven’s private life revolves primarily around his beloved son, who is on the autism spectrum, and who drives him to fight for the health and happiness of special children everywhere, and who provides neverending joy and inspiration.