VIDEO Interview for TV Channel «Відкритий» Dnipro


When they first told me that I’m about to have a 20-min interview in Ukrainian, I was first thinking “well, that’s your chance to embarrass yourselves in front of many eyes”. But, I like challenges, so I accepted.

We talked about Flaming Beacon’s projects in Ukraine, my Ukrainian language skills, and my mission and goals. I also explained that we had quite a similar war in Croatia 30 years ago and I still remember the pain and suffering of my people.

The title says that we have helped more than 1,000 Ukrainians since March 5th, 2022.
Yes, WE. I was just a guy behind ideas and behind wheels. So many people joined our Flaming Beacon World Team and supported us in many ways. I feel humbled by the fact that people from all over the world offered love to Ukrainians and me, too.

Oh yes, I finally learned to write my own name in Ukrainian Cyrillic 🙂