The Importance of Logo in Author’s Branding

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Subject: The Importance of Logo in Author’s Branding

Have you ever stopped by and suddenly realized that you’re fully able to identify a business pretty much instantly and feel an emotion you have in regards to it by merely glancing at its logo?

Even at those times when business’ name is not included or the nature of the business is not presented. You may even be able to pin-point the nature of the business despite never having heard of it before.

We all know that we, humans, consciously and even more so subconsciously, prefer thinking and talking through symbols. They present the most efficient and succinct way for aspiring author’s to communicate about themselves, their products, business or brand image to their target audience.

This is exactly why Logo presents one of the most important parts of your company’s overall brand. An integral element of your business that can literally not only significantly impact, but pretty much completely shape the public perception of your company…

Hence why most world class marketing experts tend to consider the investment into a quality logo one of the most important branding investments authors, self – publishers as well as small and medium sized businesses can make.

We tend to 100% agree.

You may wonder: what makes Logo Design SO important?

You see, logo is literally the face of your company. Considering that, as we said just a moment ago, we humans tend to think primarily through symbols, your Logo design literally presents the very first thing a potential customer will not only notice, but also remember when thinking about your business.

This is why Logo is so much more than a mere image; it’s a crucial point of recognition and an integral foundation of all your company’s branding efforts. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering why do some of the most successful self – published authors (who later went on to the mainstream and made a fortune) such as Mike Omer, Andy Weir and Meredith Wild, or, if we look back to the last decade, Rhonda Byrne, who wrote “The Secret”, one of the most successful books of the first decade of 21st century, and similar literally spent serious dollars on their logo.

They’re not spending it on a mere image. Far from it… They’re spending it their brand image. The perception their target audience has about them. Considering that customer’s opinion on a business that is selling the product or a service is the number one factor in making a decision whether to buy or not – the billions of dollars of profits are directly dependent on customer’s perception for huge corporations.

This is why they’re willing to spend millions on research on how to design a logo that will do this job the very best way.

The truth is: despite the fact that small businesses, authors and self – publishing professionals will probably rarely reach millions of buyers or have the need to spend hundreds or millions of dollars on their logo – it’s still more than crucial for their brand image, profits and ultimately – business success, to pay special attention to the importance of their logos.

A well – designed logo is hands-on the best way to convey to your potential customers that you are a serious professional, highly trustworthy, reliable and committed to delivering quality goods or services on a consistent basis.

All of the above can be achieved with one simple thing: a powerful, inspiring, quality logo.

You know how they say character is destiny?

Well, in pretty much the same way, logo design is destiny.

It can literally make a break small business, author or a self – publisher looking to stand out and make sure the first impression customers form about their business is the one that’ll make them want to do business with them.

A high quality logo is crucial for countless of reasons which we could spend ages talking about, but the most important ones you need to pay attention to are:

  • A quality logo will grab customer’s attention and make them feel GOOD about your business
  • Amazing logo design will make potential customers want to do business with you
  • A Logo literally represents the foundation of your Brand’s identity
  • Inspiring logo designs are memorable.

In the overly competitive market where competitors are literally one click away, you really want your business to be remembered.

  • It’ll make you stand out.

Remember what we said about the competitors that are only one click away? Be one of the competitors who get clicked and purchased from.

  • Good logos nurture brand loyalty.

Do you know that research has proven that on average it costs around 70% less to convince an existing customer to purchase again than to acquire a completely new customer?

We firmly believe that making your logo distinctive enough for it to be easily recognized and remembered and simple enough for it to work across the multiple media authors, self – publishers and small businesses are presenting themselves on.

It’s crucial for your logo to be memorable and make a great first impression while retaining functionality. Meaning – it’s highly effective at any size, whether it’s on a pen or on your local town’s billboard. Sacrificing functionality for artistic value or personal taste and preference is a mistake often made by authors and self-publishers. A mistake that usually ends up costing them a lot of money, time and nerves…. Something you definitely wish to avoid.

That’s why making sure your logo is impressionable and functional is crucial.

If you don’t have a logo, or a logo that stands out and inspires your target audience, you can absolutely rest assured that you’re missing a huge opportunity to make your business, book or product stand out and stick to the minds of your target audience.

Still not convinced to invest in a quality logo? Well, if you don’t take our word for it, take the word of the 99% of the best marketing and branding experts of all times. They all say: you need a top – notch Logo.

Designers at are firmly committed to providing authors and self – publishers with top quality Logos that will aid their brand recognition and simultaneously do wonders at improving their business performance.


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