GainReads Comes Up #stayhome Initiative To Bring Joy In A Coronavirus Hit World Press Release

Under the new book marketing initiative, GoodReads aims to provide free and discounted books to worldwide readers who have been forced into isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

[Zagreb, Croatia] dated [March 20th]: At a time when coronavirus cases have hit the 2.5 million mark globally, most people around the world are now forced indoors. To ease up these times, GainReads has come up with a wonderful initiative for #stayhome support that will help the children, as well as young adults, dive into an amazing world of fantasy and science fiction. 

Under the new #stayhome initiative, GoodReads has been inviting the community of global authors to help people from around the world ease up their tension by offering new exciting books for free or discounted to 99 cents. The idea behind this free book promotion plan is to make these books available to as many house-ridden readers worldwide as possible.

Jane Alvey Harris, an author, currently associated with GainReads, was quoted, “As an author, I am proud to become a part of the GainReads initiative to support #stayhome during the coronavirus pandemic. As a part of the global coalition of authors dedicated to providing affordable books across a variety of genres such as Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Paranormal, Mystery & suspense, horror, non-fiction and children, our goal is to assist in flattening the curve and strengthen goodwill during this difficult time.” 

She further added, “We are dedicated to promoting a one-world mentality of love and responsibility, and I feel incredibly thankful to the GainReads for providing us this remarkable opportunity. In fact, I myself look forward to discovering new reads and adventures, just like millions of readers all around the world.”

A noble authors association initiative that aims to fight the impending economic crisis that looms in the current world scenario, GainReads is set to play an important role in the #stayhome support that has lead people to self-isolation with limited resources. The man behind the idea, Slaven Vujic, who is also a marketer and a blogger at, hopes that becomes a giant library of affordable or free books that will, in all likelihood, open the door to experiencing joy and adventure once again and unite everyone around the world under one common umbrella.


GainReads is a Global Authors Initiative during the COVID-19 crisis that aims to engage, educate and entertain local and international neighbours through an influx of free and discounted books under a variety of genres that will be offered for either free or will be discounted to 99 cents.


Contact Person: Slaven Vujic





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