Your Best #stayhome Companion

Coronavirus. Probably the most Googled word in the last week and one of the most terrifying enemies of mankind today. Over 7000 people have died because of the virus which has about 200.000 confirmed cases at the time of this writing. Yes, deadlier things than COVID-19 exist in our world, but we are still losing lives at a very rapid rate.

There are countless negative impacts of coronavirus and almost all industries will suffer great losses. How is this COVID-19 crisis going to affect the publishing industry? No one can say for certain. It’s too early to make predictions, but the publishing industry relies on the population’s purchasing power. Since this power is about to decrease, the book-buying frenzies can hardly appear on Amazon’s radar.

Having said that, I spent an entire night thinking about how we can make a difference but also save our own industry, especially a self-publishing industry. Since the purchasing power is expected to decrease, authors need to adjust and undertake countermeasures right away. The market is already stacked with millions of books and even in regular conditions, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to stand out and make sales. The coronavirus makes it even harder!

So, how can we overcome the downfall of our economy? First: priority check. Our highest priority is lives. We have to be responsible and smart to save lives in our society. This means we should really #stayhome as the officials suggest. This doesn’t make us feel less brave – it makes us smart and it could save some lives. So, we should really #stayhome for the time being.

While we are at home, we can still go on an adventure and take others with us. We can help to create a more joyful environment for those who stay at home. That was my original thought when I sat behind my computer to create Although I represent authors and help them in building their careers, I was focused on families whose lives have been severely affected by coronavirus and self-isolation. I wanted to create a place where children can enjoy eBooks and picture books for free, the place where young adults can dive into some amazing worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Since it isn’t only readers who are now self-isolated and with limited resources with respect to pre-coronavirus life, I decided to invite authors to join our platform for free during the COVID-19 crisis. The only condition is to make their books free or discounted to 99 cents.

And there you go! 48 hours ago I was thinking which countermeasures to launch to save the self-publishing industry and my clients’ businesses as well. Today we have an up & running website where authors can join for free and make their books available to house-ridden readers worldwide. is going to be a giant library of affordable or free books, designed to open a door to worlds of joy and adventure in times that are going to be remembered under the united call to #stayhome.


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